Press Statement
March 13, 2024


The Abossey Okai Spare Parts Dealers Association wishes to express its appreciation for the recent proposals made by former President John Dramani Mahama concerning the importation of spare parts in the country, contingent on the National Democratic Congress (NDC) emerging victorious in the upcoming general elections.
The leadership of the Association views these proposals as a significant game-changer for the spare parts dealership industry in the country.
The introduction of a fixed rate for spare parts importation, as suggested by the former President, is perceived as a crucial step in eliminating corruption at the ports and safeguarding the investments of our members.
The Association believes that a fixed rate, as opposed to a flat rate, will mitigate the possibility of collusion among Customs officers at the port, ensuring a fair and transparent importation process. Mr Mahama promised to engage with all importers knowing that goods imported into the country come from various destinations across the world as part of the implementation of the fixed rate.

We commend former President Mahama’s foresight in advocating for banks to assist importers in paying to clear goods from the ports, as this will contribute to stable investments and sectoral expansion.
Furthermore, the Association lauds the former President’s initiative to engage with all the embassies particularly Korean Embassy which demand an amount of GHS 60,000 is deposited into an account for visas.
The move is a testament to his commitment to facilitating a conducive business environment for spare parts dealers.
We also appreciate the decision not to relocate but rather redevelop the Abossey Okai spare parts hub.
This aligns with the interests of our members, and we are optimistic that the redevelopment will enhance the efficiency and sustainability of the hub.

As we approach the general elections, the Association urges calm among its members.
We acknowledge the importance of leadership in carefully evaluating the options presented by political leaders.
We believe that a collaborative and informed approach will lead to decisions that serve the best interests of our members and the industry at large.
We look forward to continued engagement with political leaders to ensure the growth and prosperity of the spare parts dealership sector in Ghana.

Takyi Addo
Head of Communications

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